Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start learning DutcH?

There are many ways to learn a new language. The Dutch School offers classes for beginners that help you navigate the new language structure, vocabulary and grammar. For young children we have interactive programs with playful activities to enlarge their vocabulary. Feel free to contact us for a free trial lesson or level evaluation.

Can I enroll at any time?

Both children and adults can enroll throughout the entire school year for on campus and online classes. For group lessons, we do a trial lesson to make sure the level of the group is the right fit at that time.

We also have an online Dutch summer program with classes for children, teens and adults.

Can I purchase a single lesson?

Yes, single lessons are available. This option is most frequently used for tutoring sessions, or for group students who need an extra private session. It is not recommended to take one single lesson.

Can Flemish students enroll?

Yes, we love our Flemish teachers and students and love having them as part of our school. We have many Flemish families at our school.

When are Dutch Classes?

Our on campus classes are every Saturday morning from 9-12:15pm through the school year.

Our online classes for children are late afternoons in your timezone and adult group classes are in the evenings between 6-9pm. Most classes last 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the class size.

Online private classes and family classes allow for flexible scheduling and can take place during the day or during the weekends.

How often are Dutch classes?

Our group classes meet once a week, both online and on campus. Our private lessons have more flexibility and can be scheduled with your schedule in mind and at the pace you would like to go.

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, we offer installment options if necessary. The most common option is 1 or 2 separate installments. If needed, more installments can be discussed. A discount is available for single installment payments.

Can I prepare for exams?

Everyone is welcome take our preparatory courses for CNaVT, ALTA and ACTFL regardless of your status as student. Students from outside of our school are able to take our test prep courses.

What are the benefits of
learning Dutch?

The benefits of learning Dutch (or any second language) is huge for brain development, life skills and cognitive skills. In addition it provides the student with many opportunities later in life. See below for a good overview of all the benefits.

At our school one of the most important benefits we see is the cultural identity instilled in the children. They are proud to be Dutch/Flemish!

How do I know what level my children are?

Dutch on campus classes: we do an intake with the parent and have the children come for a trial class.

Dutch online classes:

  • For Native students we have an assessment package and can do an intake. Our assessment package is a series of standardized tests the child can do at home with the parent to determine their level. For group classes children can do a free trial class.
  • For Dutch as a Second Language learners we offer a free intake where one of our teachers will test your child’s vocabulary, conversational skills and Dutch proficiency. For group classes children can do a free trial class.

I can speak a little Dutch, what Level am I?

For adult students we offer curriculum based placement tests, to see at which level you should start in our courses. You are able to start at the beginning of a level or in the middle if that fits you better. For group classes, adults can do a free trial class. Please contact us to evaluate your Dutch proficiency.

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