Immerse your children in the Dutch language and culture at Dutch School Southern California, where we provide Dutch classes for children aged 2.5-13 years old. Conveniently located in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego, our Dutch classes for kids are every Saturday from 9 am to 12:15 pm during the school year. Come and enjoy our engaging program and become part of our local Dutch/Flemish community in Southern California.


At our preschool and kindergarten, we focus on creating an environment where young learners actively participate in Dutch language classes through interactive and engaging lessons. Our goal is to expand their Dutch vocabulary. The lessons emphasize learning through playful activities, such as songs, dance and arts and crafts. The lessons are curriculum based and centered around topics that are relevant to the minds of young learners. Our preschool class is for toddlers ages 2.5-4yo and our kindergarten class is equivalent to the Dutch system group 1 and group 2 classes for children ages 4-6.

Upon completion of the kindergarten program your child can continue in the Native Dutch program with sufficient Dutch knowledge or in the Dutch as a Second Language program if additional vocabulary support is still desired.

Native Dutch

Immerse your child in a native Dutch learning experience. Our curriculum ensures that Dutch/Flemish children living in Southern California will remain on grade level with their peers in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our Dutch lessons for children employ the latest teaching methods, and curriculum sourced from the Netherlands. Children are also prepared for CITO and Diataal testing, giving your child the advantage of a seamless transition between our classes and those in the Netherlands and Belgium. Our on-campus classes ensure a strong connection to Dutch roots.

Following group 8 your child can continue in Native Dutch high school classes which are offered exclusively online. With consistent efforts and results, children in US Grade 5 can prepare for Seal of Biliteracy Elementary School Pathway Awards.

Dutch as a Second Language

Unlock the potential of bilingualism for your child through our Dutch as a Second Language classes for kids. Whether your child has a connection to the Dutch language or is preparing to move to a Dutch speaking country, our program provides engaging and interactive classes that spark a curiosity and foster a love for the Dutch language. Your child will learn Dutch by expanding their vocabulary, mastering sentence formation and grasping the fundamentals of the Dutch language. With consistent efforts and results, children can become eligible to continue on in our native Dutch program. 

These Dutch language lessons are exclusively available in San Diego at this time. With enough interest we will start these Dutch language classes in Orange County and Los Angeles as well.


Connection to your roots with a local Dutch/Flemish community in Southern California and annual cultural events such as Sinterklaas, King’s Day, skating and more.

Every location offers a Dutch children’s lending library. Our students and parents alike can check out books each week and engage in quality Dutch literature.

Our on campus locations offer a unique opportunity for peer interaction in the Dutch language. Many families and children form lasting friendships on- and off campus.

Teaching your child to speak a new language can be a daunting task. Especially when you live in a country...

A true gem in the Southern California Dutch community is the Holland International Market, and at its heart is Maria...

Tymen is one of our first students to finish the Dutch School from kindergarten all the way through high school...

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